Monday, 19 December 2011

Single Corporate professionals

We felt that Single Corporate professionals may enjoy meeting people from their own world. With performance pressures, where is the time for these upwardly mobile feeple to meet their better half. So we decided to lend our support.

Matrimonial sites segregate singles by cast which most of us no longer believe in. However, we do believe in common interests, goals and life styles. Above all, we believe in people who will understand the language we speak. Which is why we decided to bring focused events to footloose. There was the single parents brunch...and now is the Single Coeporate Professional Brunch.

With a million performance pressures, we felt that our single friends with corporate jobs were working way too hard, and though they were ready to settle down, they had no time to scout around for a suitable match. So here we help (wish someone had done that for us too.)

And what's more, the news papers think we're doing ok too.

Read on to know more :)

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