Sunday, 15 January 2012

Celebrating Love!

Footloose has a new couple - and I'm filled with joy! Simply because here are two people who found no reason to hide it! Who saw no reason to pretend they were "friends"! They met, liked each other, took the pressure off themselves and went with the flow!

And therein lies the truth about relationships (as I see it). Why hide it? When we do that, we are just telling our partner that we are really not sure whether we like them enough to tell people. And then we feel hurt when they run! Can't blame them. It's not a nice feeling to know that someone you care about can't admit to your existence. It makes you feel like a dirty secret. While the truth may be that we really do care but are worried about the pressures admitting will bring. People will see us as one unit (isn't that what we want in a relationship? We are but 2 hearts beating as one?) If it doesn't work out what will we tell everyone? Fact is that relationships don't need the pressures of the outside world - they wither when that happens. And when we meet that someone, the only people we owe anything to, are the two who are in a relationship. Let the world go fly a kite. Because if that someone leaves, the world will only be discussing it over drinks.

So, according to me, make that someone feel special. You don't have to tell the world and his wife, but the ones close to you can be told. They will only be happy for you. And if it actually doesn't work out, then what the hey! At least you tried!


  1. it will work out :-)...that is the long and short of it!

  2. Yes Kedar! It will! And I'll be celebrating it along with you! It's a great feeling to know you've met the one - isn't it! God bless both of you!