Saturday, 21 January 2012

Love is coming to me!

Actually, love has already come my way! It took it's time though! And happened after I got out of my comfort zone.

Everyday, on every single social networking site I see status updates about love and relationships! And pf course, the war of the sexes. And I see vehement arguments. Everyone makes sense but only online! And I worry that we have turned into a generation that has a virtual life only. We chat, we flirt, we date fall in love and have our hearts broken - all online. We have dates with our black berries, i pads and televisions and rarely bother to meet or get to know people in real life. And then we complain about waking up alone!

I complained for the longest time about it too. And i didn't even have a date with gadgets. I was just plain afraid and had closed myself up. Once i realized that I was never going out with anyone who seemed interesting because I was set in my ways, I made the effort. And found love. While what most of us do is sit at home, watch tv and resent anyone who finds companionship - and that's the truth. Perhaps we need to stop lying to ourselves.

We need love (why else are we putting up these posts and complaining about being single?). And we need to get out and find it. It runs towards us with affirmations only in books like the secret. In real life, it requires stepping out of our boundaries and giving it a try. What's to be afraid of? It doesn't bite! Trust me! And if it doesn't work out, so what? It's not like sitting alone at home is more fun.

And resenting the ones who find it doesn't help either. We've all heard it all (often even said it) - the stuff that ranges from viscous to vulgar - she trapped him by sleeping with him.{Really? In this day and age?) His wallet must be large and that's why she married him! (ummm...maybe he's really is a nice guy). "Wonder what he saw in her? What does she see in him? (maybe they just fell in plain old love). Fact is, all of it sounds like a severe case of sour grapes.

In stead, I say we channel our energies into stepping out of our comfort zones and make an effort. Because the ones who found it didn't exactly have it easy. They tried and won - fair and square. And I can say this confidently because I've been on both sides! I should know - there's nothing like a bit of effort - in the real world. And if it doesn't work out, our trusted gadgets will be here next saturday too!


  1. I was sitting there... saw her ... I went to her ... expressed myself ... SHE REJECTED !! ... I came back... sat... and REALIZED... that I LOST NOTHING!! ... But felt NICE ... at least SHE KNOWS ... that I LIKE HER .. :-)

    1. vry kool rajeev. totally suscribe to the idea of letting the other person know about ur feelings. never know . she may just say YES. :-)

      cheers. rajesh

      best wishes for 2013

  2. Very nice varsha... agree