Friday, 3 February 2012

Be mine, Valentine!!!

I'm back! From the jungles of Nilgiri, after an awesome holiday! The interesting thing about this holiday was that there were only couples in the resort. So, as it happens, one night, we all sat around the fire, and started swapping our love stories.

All stories went like this - "I was seeing someone else", "I was hankering after someone when I discovered him", "trying to get over a break up and she walked in"...blah blah blah! The one thing they had in common (and this is common to all love stories), is that one of the two people took a chance! They didn't worry about breaking their heart, facing rejection or wondering if the friendship would be ruined for ever! They threw caution to the winds and went for it! What the hell! If you get rejected, there are others who may like you, if the friendship gets ruined, you'll find other friends! And hey! Do you really want to hang out being friends with the object of your affection, being friends? Would you rather not know how they feel and move in or move on! For how long will we let fears put our lives on hold?

Love is all about taking chances! First take a chance and tell, then take a chance and see if it works out and then take a chance on your happily ever after!

So this Valentine month, let's take that chance! Let's tell the object of our affection how we feel. Maybe they too feel the same way and it's held up because no one took that chance...and if they don't, they weren't ours anyway! But at least we'll have clarity and life will move once again!

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