Sunday, 8 April 2012

Anahita says...

Two years of running footloose no more, and Abhishek and I write to our members regularly. This time, we heard from a member and she wanted every one to know how she feels. So here it is, exactly as she wrote it, copy pasted! Here goes...Anahita says...

Dearest Abhishek and Varsha,

It’s time to bit Footloose adieu, albeit it’s been a short run. Though I feel very grateful to destiny for smiling upon me, I’d like to take a moment and share my heartfelt thoughts with you about Footloose. First off - I think you guys have an amazing concept going with Footloose as an ‘as-much-as-possible-filtered’ AUTHENTIC singles’ site. But what’s even more amazing is that though the main aim of this site is to ease in singles into the warm embrace of couplehood, Footloose serves as a platform that addresses and resolves an even more pertinent issue – that of loneliness. Loneliness is not the result of being single – it is the consequence of the inability to find like-minded companions, gender notwithstanding. And singlehood is a state of mind.  

Footloose blessed me with the opportunity to meet some incredible people and make some amazing friends who blew away the loneliness and infused a sense of happiness just interacting and meeting with them. They say when we are happy on the inside, we radiate positive energy and become magnets attracting positive people, elements and events. I believe that is what happened with me. The man in my life is not from Footloose but I know I had to be a happy person to have positive things happen to me. Footloose made me happy, and some of the friends I’ve made here, I will cherish forever. Footloose presented a fantastic platform that really did away with a lot of the loneliness one feels that stems from the knowledge of being ‘single’.

I will miss Footloose but I take with me its most prized possession – the friendship of some of the most amazing people ever. Thank you Varsha and Abhishek. Thankyou Footloose. And thankyou all the awesome members who enlivened me with your conversations and company. I wish you all find your better-halves… but there’s no need to mope till then… we got Footloose! Hugs! Love ya’ll!!
- Anahita Subedar.

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