Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Will you be my Mr. Big?

Every girl is looking for Mr. Big and that's an absolute fact of life. But before you read further, you'll have to get your mind out of the gutter :) We want Big, but he exists in Sex and the city! Minds back in the gutter?

Jokes apart, every girl either has or wants this guy and that's because in the show Carrie(we want to be her too)  loved him madly and he drifted in and out of her life. He was the quintessential bad boy. He loved and he left...then came back, loved some more and vanished again. Till it became impossible to keep up with his disappearances.

I started thinking this morning when I met a young girl who has been hankering after a young boy, who is unpredictable and unattainable apparently! She called him "My Mr. Big" and promptly burst into tears, exactly like Carrie! She's been hanging around waiting for a long time and probably will for the rest of her life. I was dying to tell her to move on but it's not my business. Now here's the twist in the tale! There is a respectable, nice guy who wants to be with her but she finds him boring. Most things about him are right, but the excitement of not knowing what he will do next doesn't exist!

Really? Are women that stupid? They would rather have the man who treats them badly and runs out on them? They would rather look for excitement than everlasting love? No wonder men think it's better to be cool, nasty, funny and unpredictable! And then we blame them.

If we want Mr. Big so desperately, we have no business complaining. You want excitement? Well! You've got it. But don't forget that Big dumped Carrie at the altar, in a Vera Wang wedding dress and a story in Vogue. Imagine her public humiliation! And we want that? He married her eventually but that was a TV show where fairy tales happen. In real life would we want a creep like that to come back?

We want to be the ones to tame the bad boys and that's all this is about. "He changed for me", we want to say. Firstly it never happens. And if it does, it's short lived. Fact is that we change for nothing and no one! Why should we? Don't we want people to love us for what we are? So why do we want to hunt down these bad boys and hope they'll reform? They won't! And the sooner we accept that and move on, the better...even if it means excitement only comes in the form your head on his shoulder while watching Sex and The City at home! As for me, I'd rather have the dependable Steve or Aiden any day! They may not be breathtakingly exciting, but at least they'll be around!


  1. I always thot Carry had bad choice in men. And when she left Aden...i thot she had lost it all together...hehe. Like what you've written...but Varsha...also do write some about men who like to chase the bad girls n not the plane Janes. Like a bad girls v/s plane Janes...that will be an interesting read for sure :D

    1. Please do read my earlier posts :) Hve written about that too. Thank you for the lovely comment.

  2. Very well written Varsha,you give a very good perspective,hope lot of girls read it.

  3. Dear Roadrunner :) I hope men too realize that women wanting bad boys is a myth :)

  4. Lol! Roadrunner's gotta slow down and smell the flowers. Life isn't Sex and the City...though in Mumbai, most would want to believe it is so...(No dahlings, Dhoble it is)...
    Having said that (which did not make sense and was totally out of context - it's just that it so exasperates me) agree....Mr Big isn't dependable...Mr. Big is for those who love their independence, their freedom, like their space and also, along with that, like their lives turned topsy turvy all the time...I know. I've been a Carrie way too long...and I love me. I also know that someday, a Mr Big Heart will take over...until then, I an in FL no More ;) as Carried Away as possible by possibilities...