Thursday, 11 October 2012


I was having a conversation with a friend this morning. This friend is looking to getting married asap! Yes! Men like this do exist. The problem is that he is very good looking! (That's a problem I wish I had!) And not only is he good looking, he is successful, fun and a nice guy! Imagine that. By any standards he should be a catch...but apparently these are the very things that are a problem.

Women meet him, go out with him and think he is too good to be true and run off. They find it tough to believe that a man can be all this and decent and soon start looking for hidden flaws. When they don't find any obvious ones, they think he's faking the nice guy act because in this day and age, there are no nice guys! Which brings me to my point! Have we become so cynical, that we have stopped taking anything at face value!

A nice guy must be a creep in disguise! A creep must have gone through hell and will need comforting to become a better person. A thin person has an eating disorder and a plump person has emotional baggage! if you are divorced then there must be some reason (mere incompatibility is not enough) and if you are single, it's because you must be a deeply complicated monster! Marry rich and you did it for money, marry poor and it's because no one else would marry you!

Why do we find it so tough to believe that a person being nice to us my have no evil intention! A friend calling for a chat may just want that chat! (I like to believe that I must be damn interesting and that's why people call me.) I do, very often fall flat on my face and my family calls me gullible, but I'd rather be that than cynical! It does make life easier and helps me to spot a nice person when I see one! Simplify! Innocent until proven guilty! These are the rules I live by1 I will trust until you mess up and then I'll make you miserable! But until then, trust, faith and hope are what make my world go round. And this is how I shall live!

And oh! Here's another favourite line for the girls, "a gentleman is merely a patient wolf".  No offense guys, like I said, funny lines are great, but trust is what I choose!


  1. Woman! Tell us! ASL! I haven't used ASL since the mid-nineties! :)

  2. Bravo Veee! aptly put n so simple to comprehend :-)

  3. Bravo Veee! aptly put n so simple to comprehend :-)

  4. Varsha, I am so in agreement here. Nice people are seen as not so nice !I mean in this day and age how can a person be nice and perfect ? we all have gone through mis trusting issues and all that but I know there are good people out there who exist.It is a materialistic world and we all think bad, till good happens to us and even then we let go in dis belief !!I am one who will believe and believe till you cross my path haha.We have stopped living life in its simple ways.I would rather wear my heart on my sleeve than play my cards calculating , all the time !Here's to more simpletons ....and good looking and whatever else .

  5. Awesome post Varsha and very true so I have only one thing to say - Please give this guy friend of yours my number or give me his. :))