Monday, 15 October 2012

How to make a million bucks!

I want a million bucks! I've been sitting in my room and wishing for it for a while now - and yet, there's no sign of it! So now, I'm going to do something different! I'm going to call my friends and complain about the lack of a million bucks. And if that doesn't work, I'm going to meet everyone I know and ask them to find it for me! Then I'm going to apply the same logic to finding a new job! I'm quite sure that is the way to go about getting stuff that you really want! And that's what I'm going to do! I'm going to wish, cry, complain, demand, beg from everyone I know. From million bucks, to job, to a car, my dream house, everything I want will be acquired thus!

I can already hear everyone laughing at me! When we want jobs, we go out and look for them! We work bloody hard to make money! We save to buy that car and get loans to buy that house. In short, we work towards what we want!

But when we want a relationship, we whine! We complain about the lack of eligible others, we complain and we cry and we demand that our friends and their friends and their friends introduce us to people! But what we do when the opportunity arises, is sit at home because we are too shy, too lazy, too fat, too thin, too awkward, too in our comfort zone to actually do anything about it! So we skip getting out and meeting people and go right back to complaining!

It's amazing, but when it comes to ambition, work and material things, we work! But when it comes to our personal lives, we treat ourselves like shit! We'll go to that boring off site, have a super boring lunch with the boss, all for work, but we will not go out to meet new people who may open our minds, or turn out to be interesting, become friends or, horror of horrors, turn out to be our soul mates! We expect new friends, interesting conversations and relationships to come find us! But if small things like a dress or a new restaurant needs to be looked for, how can a relationship, friendship or life be expected to come in search for us?

And this is the one time when I can talk! I was a whiner! I've tortured my friends (hell! I've tortured anyone who knew me remotely) to make me a match! And then turned up my nose! Until one day I realized that if I wanted someone else to find me a relationship, then what was wrong with having an arranged marriage? Either way, I wasn't going to put in an effort! I would complain...and my friends would find me someone, I would go out with him and marry him! Or my parents could advertise in the papers! Or the aunty network could take over! "My cousin's niece has a friend whose uncle has a neighbour who has a brother whose friend seems good for you! Why don't you meet him?' Sounds avoidable! Right? And that is when I stopped complaining!

I was complete and happy as a single girl. And I'm complete and happy as a married woman! I figured my marital status had nothing to do with happiness! It was about wanting someone in my life! And i figured that as a woman who never shied away from demanding from life, I could bloody well demand a partner! It was cool to want companionship! And I gave up the whining! I took charge of my life and found myself a partner! In fact, with my brother, we started a whole new revolution! We started Footloose No More, where singles who took charge of their lives could accept that they wanted companionship (call it marriage, boy friend, partner, friends) and still be cool!

And I realized that no matter what you want in life, you have to work for it! Whether it's putting in extra hours at work, or putting on a new dress and lipstick for a date! Accept that we want it, then prepare to get it, then make the effort and finally have it! It's that simple! And if after all this we don't get it, we're still cool, because we took charge and tried in stead of whinging!

So while you think about it, I'm going back to lying on the couch and whining about that million bucks!


  1. I was having same talk with a friend last morning.

  2. Totally Agree


  3. I want to make a million bucks as well..and I am going to make those. Very soon!!! :)