Sunday, 21 October 2012

You're not cool enough!

 For a while now, I've been hearing people refer to themselves as insane! And it's considered cool to be "insane"! And I have no idea how to react to it!

"I'm insane." There was a time when this statement would have landed you to a shink's door step! if you said, "I need help i', so psycho", people would run a mile! Ditto, "I'm mad." While "there's no telling what I'll do next", would have people watching you carefully so they could run for cover in time. And "my life is a soap opera", would earn you loads of sympathy! So when did being insane turn into a compliment?

I guess I'm old fashioned because I worry when people call me "insane", "wild", "mad", "psycho". And sometimes I even get offended! I want to be none of these things! I want to be a normal girl with a normal life! I want no soap opera! I want normal! That really isn't too much to ask for!

Think about would be great to know what your friends will do next. Or to be in a normal loving relationship with a normal person who doesn't need you to be insane and is not mad himself! That. according to me would be bliss!

Or worse, having insane or psycho parents! Maybe it sounds cool, but I love the fact that my parents are normal! They love us, give us long lectures even though we are all grown up, scold us. Thank god for that! That they forgot to discipline us id another matter, but they brought us up to be "not insane." And that is the kind of parents we want to be - NORMAL!

And I think (I seem to be the only one who thinks so) that to have a normal relationship or even a normal life, we need to stop thinking complicated, twisted, neurotic or insane are compliments! These are diseases that need to be treated! While ordinary can be wonderful!

So when my husband gives me a compliment, he says, "she wonderful." "She's a great wife." "She is uncomplicated." And I return the compliment by saying, "He's adorable." "I'm comfortable with him." "He's so even tempered." "I know I'll have no drama in my life."

I may not be cool and have no complex compliments, but thank God I'm ordinary...because the ease of my relationships is ensured by the normalcy of the people in it! Thank God for that! I'm happy being sane!


  1. This post brought a smile to my face. I have heard and maybe used that line on people sometimes in my younger days and I don't think I knew what I meant then nor do I know what people mean when they say that today. And if someone says "I'm insane" today, I'd probably have the same reaction that you did. Very nicely written varsha. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Lol! Being ordinary is extraordinary in this day and age! :)