Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Empowering women!

Yes Yes I know, I'm stealing from Rahul Gandhi, but my point is totally different. I always say that women are already empowered and liberated, it's the men who need rewiring.

As usual, this observation began with an evening with the girls. Conversation turned to men and how they treat us badly, and the things they do to us! Now, I've been the girl who said, "you know what he did to me?", until wisdom arrived in the shape of my younger brother!

He believes that a man needs to think before he brags about his conquests, because the choice to conquer does not reside with him. It belongs to the woman! And that's the absolute fact. Think about it...

Can a man go out with us if we say no? The choice is ours!
Can he call us, ask us out, befriend us, touch us? No! If he goes out with us, it's because we let him! If he marries us, it's because we say yes! We choose to be his wife, his companion, the mother of his children.

Now reverse this! Can he take us for a ride if we walk out the first time he does something terrible? Can he force us to stay with him while he cheats? Can he hit us a second time if we have him arrested? NO!

It is up to us to decide what we will put up with. Up to us to choose whether we want to be loved and cared for or be in an abusive or even indifferent relationship!

Being victims / survivors of a crime are different from willingly being in a bad place. We are women and we do give people a long rope. But there comes a time when we need to say "ENOUGH." And be proud when we do say yes! It's out right!

Remember, the power lies with us. And dear men, before you boast, remember, we let you do it. The only choice you had was to ask!

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