Friday, 16 May 2014

Where's the choice?

"The fact is, there are no real choices in life. We have to make the best of what we have. Trust me!" I heard this a couple of days ago. Naturally, I disagreed vehemently! To me, life is all about choices that we make.

It began like this!  A friends kept getting requests to play candy crush on Facebook. He finally got pissed off and started unfriending everyone who sent him a request for it. And I, of course, didn't understand the reaction! He said, these friends were leaving him with no choice since they were annoying him. Now he has a really tiny friend list and is in a perpetual bad mood over it.

I receive these requests too. I choose to ignore them and keep my friends. So what if they sent me a silly request? There's no gun to my head to accept them. And even if there was, I could have chosen to get shot!

Now think of this in a more real scenario! I do agree that sometimes circumstances make it impossible for us to change our lives or our attitudes. But this one is for the whiners! The ones who complain about everything and do very little to change anything. The ones who say, "I will not do this! What will people think of me? But I hate my life!" Really? If you are worried about what people will think of you, then you have already given up! How are you going to change anything?

And then there are those who say, "I did this once. I'm done!" And that's your choice? You choose to fail? Are you expecting sympathy?

The truth is that it is infinitely easy to blame people, circumstances, time, the govt. and the price of rice in China, and it can be tough...but what's it doing for you?

So it is about choices! You could ignore all the reasons for not doing anything and get on with it, without a care in the world, ignoring those who get in your way. Or you could complain, become really boring, have friends who start ignoring you and live that life you hate. It's definitely a choice!

You can "love the life you live" or "live the life you love" - just make a choice!

As for me, I'd rather tunelessly sing "It's my life" and celebrate my choices. Those who don't like it can choose to leave!


  1. Two ways of dealing with a choice. Either you choose or you choose. Not making a choice is also a choice. Yes, there are frequent heartbreaks in the process but if you get burned in the process, you don't really stop. You slow down to heal. I am drifting but then, your posts also make my mind drift to places :) Hugs! The only person who stops is the one who is dead...and even then, you really don't know, do you?

  2. I think the power of choosing lies a notch above the power of positivity. For instance, just like your friend, facebook had been a source of constant headache, jealousy and hate, of late, and I felt a mound of negativity attaching itself to me every time I logged in. I know, being 22 means I ought to be able to rise well above these trifling matters. But since I cannot, I don't feel much of an adult.

    But at the very bottom of my mood spiral, when more than anything I was exhausted of this mental churning, I made a CHOICE to ignore everything that did not help me become a better person and have been kicking myself to make more positive choices to add them all up into a life that I would love to live. If you don't make your choices, someone else will make them for you and then, you will be screwed anyway.

  3. Nice.... So either you know and choose from the different paths in your life, or Life shall make that choice for you. Times ticking and Life shall move forward.

  4. Nice.... So either you know and choose from the different paths in your life, or Life shall make that choice for you. Times ticking and Life shall move forward.