Monday, 2 March 2015

How to cope with a divorce.

Actually I have no idea of how to cope with a divorce. But the divorcees I know seem to be coping just fine after they have gone through the stages of grief and anger.

The reason for this post is this. I got a call from a television channel. They were doing a story on divorced people - women in particular, and wanted me to share names of some divorcees who'd be willing to speak. It finally didn't work out because we were on different pages. They wanted to highlight stories of sadness, lonely lives and strife. While I don't know anyone like that.

Why do we find it important to paint divorced people as "becharas" who have failed at relationships and are now living in the shadow of that failure, sobbing in corners and somehow managing to be single parents? I'm sure it's not easy but do we really need to see them as these "poor unfortunate people who have gone through so much in life."

Fact is, I do know a lot of divorced people, but I don't know anyone who spends all her/his time wallowing! The ones I know are strong people who have had the courage to walk away from something that didn't work, in stead of hanging around because they may never find someone again. I see a lot of confident people who made a go of their lives and who are willing to give it all another chance. Above all, I see no wallowing. But I do see people who are a lot of fun, laugh  as much as anyone else and even manage to make the whole thing sound funny! It's called a sense of humour.

Perhaps we need to stop saying "poor thing got divorced" because when you ignore the piece of paper, everyone who has a broken relationship has known what it feels like!

So the next time anyone tries to paint a sad picture of "divorcees", I'm going to get damn pissed off. Because to me, these are not sad stories but stories of coutage and hope! SO THERE!!

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  1. Lol! Ask me :) How many times??!!!
    Life goes on. We can either wallow in self-pity or rock it.
    Guess we just prefer to be rock stars!