Sunday, 4 March 2012

Happy birthday b#$@*&

What could be more perfect? A weekend and a birthday party! That's the best combination in the world...and that's how my weekend was spent. It was perfect, for everyone except for the poor birthday girl.

Every time I go for a birthday party I wonder about this! Why do we do it? Why do we say we love the birthday person, buy them gifts, land up for the party (which the birthday person has often been cajoled into), and then kill it for them?

What's with the cake on the face? Seriously? We go to the party, drink their booze, eat their food and then smash cake on them! What is that? Halfway through the evening, everyone is in good spirits, cake has been cut and smashed (I am miserable because I love cake! I'd rather eat it than smear it around.) and the guests carry on having fun, while the birthday girl walks around looking like a rat drowned in grease, lovely new outfit ready to be thrown, smiles through a bad mood, gets annoyed with people helping her clean her hair as best as possible (if we wanted her to be clean, why did we smash the cake on her in the first place, and of course, deprive me of the joy of eating it). Then we all go home, drunkenly weaving to our cars, telling her what a great party it was, while she stays back to settle the bill for drinks that the cake smashers have had.

Then of course, there are the photos! We want to see them, point to each other and congratulate ourselves on looking good! And the birthday person looks like road kill in his/her own birthday photos! What fun! (I'm still sad because I can now see photos of the cake I never got to eat.)

I've even been to parties where more than one cake has been brought by thoughtful friends - one to eat, the rest to get revenge with!

So here's my decision, if I ever invite people to my birthday party, people who bring cake will not be allowed in. I shall order cake and eat it by myself, in stead of licking it off my nose, eyes and hair! I shall have cake free birthday parties. I'd rather enjoy my party than have this version of a happy birthday!

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  1. ..of course varsha!! like colors in holi, taking money from brothers in ralkhi [this, not a complain, would love to give all to loving sister:)]and smashing cake on face, from where all this came from? Each day, as time progresses, many of our acts are like those one of trillion people shouting slogans on road, knowing not the cause, or like you must have noticed a dog, he JUST starts, when he hears a bark from a kilometer away [rude, but relevant example, offense!] Now, back to birthday! why not a simple call to wish, and some greeting! But, after wishing... there next sentence is " where`s the party" Now, .... Yes, there are timid souls who do get hesitated when ask this, [am imagining, the poor guy is looking nowhere, as how to answer this] I don`t know why do we ask this question. Such questions, many times pinch the person sitting comfortably and, now uncomfortable after hearing the latter part of you inquiring about an environment whereby, if held, you will forget after 2 drinks the reason for celebration! Other aspects to this, "just like other day, the birthday" is ... A GIFT! If at all, the birthday person decides for "mayhem" !! At once, the thought merges from the valley of sub-conscious "what gift must I take now" once, again from same place, the series rationalities starts ... 1)what gift he/she give me 2)where is the party [I mean, place..daru, khana..etc..etc] 3)Not to forget, The status of person! ..and may be more things. And, when you discover, the answer for all those questions is pinching your pocket... see there, down goes the drain, the so called "joy" of his/her birthday. All this, my personal view, since DEAR VARSHA :-) allowed be to express:) I just say! ... Why not a simple call to wish and bless the person, and leave the rest to the one who is "wished" if what he/she wants to do? ... and if at all, then why not a simple meeting, with gifts of " Love, blessings, Goodness" and of course, make him/her feel special. I tell you, I think, .. for sure, you will his/her eyes, star shining if its a daytime... and face radiating sunlight, if its a Nighttime ..:-)