Thursday, 15 November 2012

How old are you????????

How old are you? That is the one question everyone seems to hate. People will go to any length to hide it. They will dress like a teenager, behave like a deranged infant and spin a web of lies. Yes! A web of lies that they can't get out of.

A friend of mine once informed everyone that she and I were together in college (she couldn't hide it because I'd already mentioned it), because I had failed a lot. If we went by her story, I had failed about 10 times in school! So I would have been about 27 yrs old in college, while she was 17! Except for the fact that I was a fairly decent student. Also, the person she told this to, was hoping to marry her!

I wondered what she would do once they did get married? Never let him see her driving license? Never travel abroad with him so he didn't find her real age on the passport? And God forbid, if there was a health problem, she would never claim insurance, because her age would be revealed! Was she going to base her marriage on a lie? Apparently yes! Except, when the man discovered how old she was, he ran away! He said he didn't have a problem with the age. He had an issue with the lies. He didn't want to spend his life wondering what other lies he had been told.

And I do understand that! In this day of healthy living, gyms, face lifts and make up, most people look younger than they are. But a 40 year old woman is a 40 year old woman. Ditto men! We may look like well a preserved 40 or like a 35 year old, but no one is going to fall for a 25th birthday party! So why not just be our age?

Also, with a lot of people in their 30s and 40s still single, do we really want to hide our ages? Would it not be better for both parties to start off with the truth?

It is a personal choice but I do believe that we earn  every line, lived our life to the fullest and choose to celebrate each year we grow older! Because, what is more attractive than a person comfortable with her/ his age? What is more attractive than laid back wisdom? And it is a whole lot more attractive than a lie about as trivial as age!

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