Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Things I learned last year!

The year has gone by in a heart beat...some of us are glad to see it go, while some are wondering where it went, as we all get busy making resolutions which will be forgotten by the time we wake up next week. So instead of resolving to change my life, I sit and look back to see what I have learned this year. Here’s the list in absolutely random order, just like our thoughts. Go ahead and add your own to the list and see what we can do with it!

I’ve learned that no matter how old a woman gets, she will always be daddy’s girl. And no matter how young the girl is, she will know how to wrap daddy around her little finger!

Women are stronger, more resilient and braver than most men!

Men gossip as much as women! Most of my gossip is gleaned from men.

The sales have begun and everyone loves a bargain, but think before you buy. That unflattering dress will be unflattering even at half the price. Save the money and buy a classic piece instead.

A cheap nail polish will stain your nails.

Dental health is as important as mental health.

But being safe is the most important. Mind your own safety and teach your children will.

Children are not conducive to a good night’s sleep. But who wants to sleep anyway, when you could be playing with two adorable babies?

There is such a thing as too much make up, unless you want to look like a cake.

A woman can never have enough shoes.

You have to work for what you want, be it a bag, a new car or a relationship!

Do not compare your relationship to happy couple selfies on facebook. No one puts up pictures of themselves in tears after a 3 am fight. What you have a perfect as long as it makes you smile.

A good blow dry can make your gorgeous and puts you in an instant good mood.

You can live without food, but not without respect. Remember this when dealing with others too!

Relationships are on everyone’s mind.

If you want to meet new people, attend a party alone so you are forced to talk to those you don’t know.

Everything we want in life, lies outside our comfort zone and in the effort zone.

Losing weight makes you feel fabulous, but diets are over rated. Do it the old fashioned way – respect your body, work out and eat right. And those clothes you are saving for when you “lose weight”, throw them away. Once you reach your goal, you will want to go out and celebrate by buying new clothes.

If you haven’t worn it for a year, you will not wear it again. Throw it out unless it’s your wedding dress.

Even if you have faced heart break, don’t be afraid to give love another chance because no two relationships are the same. Why give up on a lifetime of happiness because of fear.

The person you meet today is not responsible for what happened in your past. Stop expecting them to mend the pieces. It’s not fair to them!

No matter how good looking or successful you are, the world does not owe you an applause. Pull your own weight.

Friends rejoice in your joy! Take notes of who your friends are.

It is not ok to call someone at midnight because you are bored!

Eat fruit everyday.

People who ask me “who else is coming to your party?” “How many people have you invited?” “Will there be hot chicks/ guys?” “Will there be any fun people?” And those who do not respond to an invitation, shall never be invited again.

Constantly resorting to sexual innuendo in conversation is just plain vulgar!

Waking up with someone who loves you is priceless. Overlook the small irritants.

Relationships are on everybody’s mind.

A one night stand is not equal to a promise of happily ever after!” Look before you leap!

If he doesn’t call you, he probably doesn’t want to. Stop making excuses for him and move on!

Constantly complaining about your life makes you look like a loser and drives away the best of friends.

Telling people that “You never know what I’ll do next. I’m quite crazy that way”, doesn’t make you seem like fun. It just makes you seem, well, crazy!

There’s a difference between “there” and “their.” Learn it!

Backbiting will come to bite you in your behind sooner or later.

In trying to save for a rainy day, don’t forget to dance in the sun.

Resolutions are meant to be broken. Do what you like, but be happy, because that’s all you’ll remember in your old age!

Above all, smile! And dance like it will never end up on youtube! It won't! Because no one is recording it. Everyone is busy on whatsapp!

Have a great new year. And as usual, be safe!