Thursday, 8 October 2015

Falling In Love Is Easy

I've recently returned from a trip to Nainital - the paradise of my childhood. It was our 4th wedding anniversary and I thought why not take Prashant to my favourite place in the world. So off we went! It was a nostalgia trip for  me and I was on speed. I could have walked anywhere and not been tired. I hogged bal mithai, gorged on bun tikki, went boating like a tourist and jumped on churan (my friends from Nainital would know the one I'm talking about). I went to meet my dad's friends and chatted with anyone who was willing to indulge me and complained constantly about the fact that cars are now allowed in to town!

The day we reached there, I dragged my poor husband up to my school - walking. Then made him walk back, down the hill, across town and made him get in to a cable car to go look at the mountains - all on a day when he wasn't feeling well and had no energy! He indulgently did everything and never complained. It was like I was on a pilgrimage and he was there just to humour me! That is the day  I fell a little more in love with him. And that's when it struck me - falling in love is easy, it's  staying there that's tough!

It's true! To all those who complain about "love doesn't last", I have this to say - "In a year, if you know enough single people, you will find a few you will connect with, maybe even love a little, but then it fizzles out. This is because relationships, like it or not, are hard work! We have to give a little, and take a lot! Often do things we don't want to do or not do things that we want to.

Prashant gave a lot on this trip. He did a lot of things that went against his grain just because they made me happy (he hated the churan btw), and I accepted it with a smile. He's my husband - he's enjoying doing this for me so I need to be graceful and grateful! He of course, gave whole heartedly. And that has been the story of our 4 years together. The willingness to give and the absolute acceptance! Exactly like when I went kayaking in Halong Bay even though I was scared out of my mind!

Relationships are about shared experiences and effort put in to make them happen! Romance is in little things like having churan because your wife likes it or big things like having kids together. The thing is, to make it work, you have to work. After that, relationships are pretty simple. They are seeing a missed call from the other person and smiling, remembering some silly incident and calling to talk about it, looking at old photos together or even eating a salad because the other person is on a diet!

As for romance, you have to create your own romance! Someone I  know told me after hearing my churan story that his girl friend used to buy 2 packets of churan every evening because they both loved it and they would have it together after dinner. That's their romance, their way of showing they care and their way of staying in love.

Forget the big romance, I say, because love is a little thing to be nourished every day!


  1. I love you both!!! noooo actually make that four!!!

  2. True.`To give a little and take a lot'.
    I have been guilty in the past of getting used to not giving at all and just taking it all.
    One cannot take one's partner for granted.